Speakers bio
Konstantinos Koukas,
Mayor of Mykonos Island

Konstantinos Koukas, Mayor of Mykonos, has completed his primary and secondary education in Mykonos. He has obtained two Undergraduate Degrees from the University of Thrace (Faculty of Law & Department of Language, Literature and Culture of the Black Sea Countries). He also holds two Postgraduate Degrees: the first in ‘European and International Studies’ from the University of Athens – School of Law and the second, in Tourism and Business Administration from the Hellenic Open University. He is fluent in English and Italian languages and has also attended a course in Russian History and Culture at Moscow State University. He has been working as a lawyer for six years (before his election as the Mayor of Mykonos at 2014) and is a member of the Law Association of Syros. He completed his training in the European Parliament in Brussels, for which he was awarded a scholarship. In 2010, he was elected as Regional Councilor of the South Aegean by his fellow citizens. He also served as a counselor for three years in the Ministries of Interior and Public Order in key positions. In January 2012 he was nominated as the Vice President of the Regional Council of the South Aegean Region and also he held the post of the Vice President of the Tourism Committee of the Regional Council of the South Aegean Region.