Speakers bio
Gregory Grigoropoulos,
Professor NTUA

Professor of Ship and Marine Hydrodynamics at the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (SNAME) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He is Dipl. Naval Architect & Marine Engineer and Dipl. Mechanical Engineer) and holds PhD in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NTUA). He is fluent in English and German. He has been Managing Director of Kavala Shipyards building wooden and GRP boats (1988-91). He joined the academic staff of NTUA in 1992 as Adjunct Lecturer and following the hierarchy he was elected Professor in 2007. He was Manager of the Towing Tank and Deputy Director (1992-05) of the Laboratory for Ship and Marine Hydrodynamics (LSMH) of NTUA. His major fields of specialization are: Ship Hydrodynamics, Experimental Procedures and Measurements, Design of high speed craft, Design and construction of fishing vessels, Computer Aided Design, Optimization using Bio-memetic methods. He is Fellow of SNAME and RINA and Member of STG. He is author of 83 publications in Intl. Journals and peer-reviewed Conferences and 220 technical reports of LSMH. He participated in more than 50 National and International research projects and served as member of Intl. committees, reviewer and member of editorial board of journals. Furthermore, he served as a member of the EC of ELOT (2006-08) and as vice-chairman and chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Body of Sworn-in Valuers (2009-17). Member of the Board of Trustees of National Technical University of Athens (2012-16). Since Dec. 2017 is the Dean of the School of NAME at NTUA.